Being invited to, and participating in, government projects is not a simple thing.  The approval process alone is very involved with no room for error.  There are many legal requirements which are not always present in our dealings with private industry clients. 


In order to keep us in line with employment laws and hiring practices, US Tower Services employs an on-staff H.R. professional who is well-versed in this area.


Other than the legal requirements involved in government projects, the work we perform is identical to that of our private sector clientelle.

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US Tower Services, Inc.

US Tower Services, Inc. is an innovative company specializing in various aspects of the telecommunications industry. Our services include collocation installation, both civil and line & antenna, site upgrade, line & antenna troubleshooting and maintenance, microwave installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, BTS and other ground component installation, power upgrades, and commercial electrical installation and repair. We have offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix, AZ.

Our continuing goal is to expand our operation and provided services, as well as become synonymous with "quality" with our customers nationwide.