US Tower Services was started St. Louis, MO in 2002 by four tower climbers.  These individuals had worked several years in the industry for large general contracting firms before taking the monumental step of striking out on their own.  Our original "office" was the kitchen of the house in which two of us lived, and our "shop" was the garage.  Our sole customer at that time was T-Mobile/St. Louis.


In 2004, USTS was invited to start our second market in Los Angeles, CA.  While Chad Berg and Steve Jones stayed in St. Louis, Ted Chaffin and Ish Ramirez helped T-Mobile audit hundreds of sites they had purchased from Cingular in LA.  Together, they built a strong customer base and expanded our footprint.  Today, Los Angeles is one of our largest operations, mainly serving three separate T-Mobile markets in the region--with plans in the making to expand to San Diego and other metropolitan areas.


In 2008, we invited Eric Wolff, Master Electrician, to join our organization.  With this addition, we became more diverse in our services and credentials, obtaining electrical and general contracting licenses nationwide.  


In 2011, we hired a Human Resources professional.  Our H.R. Director holds a masters in Human Resources and oversees fair hiring practices, benefits education, and legal requirements to help keep our company fully-compliant.


In 2012, we started new markets in Phoenix, AZ (Bechtel and T-Mobile) and Montana (General Dynamics for AT&T).  Our services had never been in greater demand company-wide as all of our customers began and continued large projects into 2013.


In 2013, the owners of US Tower Services began implementation of "Great Game of Business".   This "Open Book Management" approach introduces every employee to all factors necessary for running a business and motivates involvement in areas most employees are rarely exposed to.  Using these methods, we are able to continually improve efficiency and maximize productivity while retaining our dedication to safety and quality.