Company Outings

At US Tower Services, Inc., we can't deliver unparalleled quality and service without the hard work of unparalleled employees.  We enjoy rewarding our employees off-the-clock as well as on.  As frequently as possible, we organize extracurricular activities, such as sporting events, dinner outings, and recreational endeavors.   Many of these activities are chosen specifically by our employees as a reward for their dedication.

US Tower Services, Inc.

US Tower Services, Inc. is an innovative company specializing in various aspects of the telecommunications industry. Our services include collocation installation, both civil and line & antenna, site upgrade, line & antenna troubleshooting and maintenance, microwave installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, BTS and other ground component installation, power upgrades, and commercial electrical installation and repair. We have offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix, AZ.

Our continuing goal is to expand our operation and provided services, as well as become synonymous with "quality" with our customers nationwide.