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Our Purpose

At US Tower Services, we keep people connected. The time we live in is pretty awesome: We have access to all the entertainment we could ask for, literally at our fingertips; we can take friends and family with us, anywhere we go; and if we are ever in a time of crisis, getting through to help is easy, reliable, and instantaneous.

None of this would be possible without the bright and hard-working men and women out there who do the work of building and maintaining a strong cellular infrastructure.

Our Purpose leads us to produce high quality work; it invites honesty, innovation, and cooperation when the job gets tough; and it unites individuals to work as a team toward a common goal.



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Line & Antenna Install and Maintenance

Commercial Power, Data, & Low Voltage

Electrical Circuit

Disaster Recovery & Special Events

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As a leader in the Telecommunications Industry, US Tower Services has a wealth of experience performing various types of work for all major carriers, on projects both large and small. The following are just a few real-world examples of the service we provide to our customers every day.

Massive Boom Swap

St. Louis, MO

July, 2019

Major Wireless Carrier

Crew removed the existing antenna mount and equipment, replaced it with a four-sector, 6,200lb platform, and relocated all RF equipment to the new structure.

Bulk Generator Deployment

Los Angeles, CA

November, 2019

Major Wireless Carrier

Over the course of just two days, crews delivered and installed 28 generators at various locations in the region.

Camarillo Mall Special Event

Los Angeles, CA

December, 2019

Major Wireless Carrier

Every year for the past three years we have been awarded the work of installing a temporary cell site at the Camarillo Shopping Outlet, where thousands of shoppers overwhelm the permanent sites nearby during the holiday rush



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